Friday, October 2, 2015

My review of Sustained by Emma Chase!!

My 4 star review of Sustained
I really love Emma Chase, she does a great job in telling really funny stories, that still have romance elements to them. I was laughing so hard around every turn. Don’t get me wrong- I didn’t laugh the whole time, but a majority. And I loved how awesome stories are with kids included. 

Jake is the hero, and he is a badass defense lawyer. He is a wham, bam, thank ya ma’am kind of guy- and that’s how he is known- he makes no qualms about it. But then he meets Chelsea. 

Chelsea is the heroine of this story- and she puts everyone to shame, by raising her brother and his wife’s six children- after they are killed in a car accident. Jake couldn’t stop thinking about Chelsea- and every time he was around her, she and the children made it harder and harder to leave.

This book was fast paced, and kept me turning the pages like crazy, until I got to the end and fell in love even more. I can’t wait for more- and hope that this series keeps going! I did not get to read the first book, but they can be read as stand alones, I will be adding it to my TBR and when I have time- will dive into the first book!

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