Monday, October 12, 2015

These Battered Hands blog tour!!

My 5 star review of These Battered Hands

What a faux pas I have been making by not reading Laurel’s work until now! She is such a wonderful author. I enjoyed every word she wrote in this story of love and redemption. The story of Callie and Nik was one full of angst and passion, of heartache and break, and a little about betrayal from a loved one. 

Callie is a world glass, Olympic gymnast- but at 26 she is high on the age side of things, and it should totally work against her. She starts out as a loner in a world filled with giggly teens. She’s hardened her hands, and her heart to anyone else, that is until she meets Nik. I loved Callie- strong, independent- and super sassy. A woman after my own heart. 

“She was tiny in size, and yet, her presence was undeniable just like the pea under a certain princess’ mattress.”

Nik is a world class tumbler, and third in the world, but after his parents death six months ago, he doesn’t want to really do that anymore- so he sets off to coach the un-coachable- Callie. Swoony is the only word to describe Nik. He was just so GOOD, in everything he did. And the scene when Callie was hiding watching him tumble, was probably one of the best scenes I read in the book- just because the emotions she felt, were so real- she was in awe of him. That’s how I felt throughout the book, I was in awe of Nik. 

“I didn’t hold back or hold out or try to keep myself contained. Instead, I let my heart bleed all over the white of his cotton, staining it with red marks of love, lust and admiration.”

I loved the description of everything in this book. I loved the banter between Callie and Nik- especially when he first started to coach her, and she was giving him a run for his money. But his snark competed with hers- 100%. And the pictures she painted with those words- were like a balm to my soul, it helped heal me. And I can say- I totally hated Callie’s father, I think everyone will to be honest. But with good reason. Callie is more than a gymnast, she is a person. And it took Nik seeing her that way, to make her even better than before. And the gag gifts Nik gave her- made me fall in love with him, just a little extra magic was needed.

I really enjoyed this book, and Laurel’s writing. And DAMN that cover. I can’t say enough awesome things about it. It’s probably my favorite cover out this year. How truly astounding that covers can make you feel, and this one gets all the feelings from me. I am so glad I was able to read this book- and it’s such a fun topic, gymnasts, and how they feel when they are on a little of the older side- it’s not a story you hear much of, but definitely read-worthy and unique in its own right. 

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