Friday, April 29, 2016

Tapping the Billionaire release and review!!

If you’re the type of woman who prefers crotch selfies to small talk, this book isn’t for you.
If you enjoy random men you’ve never met filling up your inbox with dirty words and porn—for reasons focused more towards diddling your donut than laughing at the absurdity—this book isn’t for you. 
If you HATE laughing, this book isn’t for you.
If you want your male leads to grunt, thrust like jack rabbits, and have one-track minds that prefer a nice pair of tits to brains every hour of every day for the rest of forever, well, then, this book still isn’t for you. 
If you enjoy a good swoon, a hearty laugh, witty banter, and some hot as f*@% f*@%ing, then consider Georgia Cummings your Girl Friday and Kline Brooks your next irresistible book boyfriend

My guidelines for writing a review vary, but I basically take all the parts of a book that I find amazing and rate them. A strong hero, a sassy heroine, amazingly witty banter, kick ass secondary characters that add to the book and aren’t just there for show, well written sex scenes, some humor and some drama, a solid plot and storyline- and Max Monroe apparently reads my diary- because this book has all of that; and then some.  

Kline Brooks is the quintessential alpha male. Good looking, loaded, dirty mouth. But he is missing one thing- he doesn’t sleep around, like the majority of heroes do. I absolutely love that he’s this “playboy billionaire,” without the playboy part! He’s mature, and sincere- and trustworthy. And he is ready to settle down. And something about Georgia Cummings, who’s worked for him for a while, comes to light and he starts really seeing her for who she is.

Georgia Cummings- yes that is her real name, is an amazing character. Full of power, and determination. She is good at her job, a real go getter, super talented- but also seems to put her foot in her mouth a lot. She does have a sexual therapist as a mother, so that’s where it gets interesting, and her father is Dick Cummings- yes that is his real name. And while cobwebs may inhabit her lady bits- nothing sets them on fire more than Kline.

I thought this book was going to be just “ok”- because lesbihonest, most billionaire books are kitschy, lame and redundant- but this book- THIS BOOK, was not that book. And as much as everyone is like WHO IS MAX MONROE (and trust me- I am on top of the “who are they?” list) this book was so much more than who wrote this book. All I can say- is that whoever you are, keep writing. Don’t you ever stop, EVER. You truly have a talent for contemporary romance, rom-com, and erotica- write to your little hearts content. But never stop. I am telling you, this book is not earth shattering, you won’t have any epiphanies while reading this, or want to spout of Ghandi or Mother Teresa after. It has been one of my favorite books so far this year, and sometimes- books don’t need to be ground breaking to really touch you, they can be funny and crude, and have top notch character, and then you’ll tell all of your friends about the amazingly fantastic book you just read by Max Monroe, whoever the hell they are. 


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