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Labeled Love blog tour!!

Title: Labeled Love
Series: Labeled Series #1
Author: Danielle Rocco
Genre: YA Romance
Release Date: August 6,2015
I was twelve years old when I met him. I guess you could say opposites attract. We didn’t know it then. Or maybe we did, but we didn’t care. It’s not easy growing up in Los Angeles. Well, for me it was. But, not for him.
I’m a Hollywood girl born and raised in the business.
I have everything I’ve ever needed 
and only wanted him.
Is it possible to find your forever love when you’re thirteen? Maybe not for most, but I did.
I’m just a boy raised in the pits of Los Angeles.
I have nothing
and only ever wanted her.
Worlds apart
Miles away
It would only be her
It would only be him
Labels never defined us
But will they tear us apart
"One of my FAVORITE reads of the year and I don’t say that lightly. I love how this story begins at the "beginning" and we follow it all the way through in realistic and thought provoking way. The characters are easy to fall in love it. And yeah…" ~ My Book Boyfriend
"I am blown away this is Danielle's first book, she absolutely has an amazing talent and I feel privileged that I got to experience it. The emotions and the "feels" she brought out of me was extraordinary!" ~ Sugar Shack Book Blog

"I'm completely in AWE over the raw emotions these characters bring out in me. I'm not one to read YA Romances very often, but boy what I've been missing in a truly mesmerizing fairytale of love.. " ~ Goodreads Reviewer

My 4 star review of Labeled Love. 
For Danielle Rocco's first book- it was awesome, so i am hoping it won't be her last and it won't be mine either. Along with being well plotted out and well written her characters came to life amongst the pages, and it made for a really smooth read. It is saccharine sweet, so if you need a palette cleanse from dark and twisty- this book is for you, and you just need Jace and Shay's story in your life. 

Jace is from the wrong side of the tracks. His single mother doesn't even care for him, and it is hard being a teenager, let alone a teenage boy with no one who cares for him. Until he meets Shay Stark that is, and for him- he is a goner as soon as he sees her. 

Shay comes from money. She is the daughter of a music producer in LA. She is a goody goody, but she is also a tom boy, and just because she comes from money, doesn't mean that her parents raised her any differently. She goes to a community center, and decides to get in on a pick up game of football with some boys. and that's when she sees Jace. And he makes her feel something different too. 

Their love story, for a YA, is full of ups and downs. Especially being that their backgrounds are so different, but that's what i loved about it! They have strong love- and totally have the struggles all other couples face. I loved the writing, and it was super flawless for being a debut novel. I really think if you love YA, like i sometimes do- you will totally understand and enjoy Labeled Love and Jace and Shay's story! 

I glance at him while twisting my lip up in amusement."She's the only one that makes me that way." He rolls his eyes at me, pushing me toward the girl that makes my hear beat. I can feel it the closer I get to her. As our eyes lock, she stands up and starts walking toward me. She looks so damn pretty. Long, dark, wavy hair, bright blue eyes, and the prettiest smile I've ever seen wraps her arms around me. It's comfort, it's familiar, and it's the best fucking feeling in the world.
It's home.
Her embrace is all I need. Even over the smell of the fire, her intoxicating scent is around me, invading me to the point of surrender. 
I don't want to let go of her...
I could try to think of a bunch of exciting things to say about myself, but really I'm just a Mom who has stayed home raising my four fabulous kids. How did I become a writer? Well, when you have a house full of teenagers and all their friends at the house all day, you find plenty of inspiration. I'm married to my junior high school love, who still swoons me just as much as when we were fourteen years old. I love to laugh, swoon, daydream, and watch scary movies. Spending time with my family and friends is my idea of a perfect day and getting lost in a book is part of my bliss. My debut novel Labeled Love is just the beginning of my writing journey. Happy reading!

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