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Title: Soaked
Author: Stacy Kestwick
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Water’s Edge (Book 2)

Having hope was her weakness.
If Sadie Mullins hadn’t started to believe in love again, hadn’t let herself fall for him, she wouldn’t be feeling this way.
Wouldn’t have her heart breaking.
Wouldn’t regret meeting West Montgomery.
The cocky bastard should have left her alone, let her forget about him.
Let her move on with her life.
Of course, he didn’t.
That could have been the end of it.
Of course, it wasn’t.
Damn hope.
*This is Book 2 in the Water’s Edge Series and is a continuation of Sadie and West’s story that began in Wet. This is not a standalone.*

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The bartender was my new best friend. I frowned. Well, after Rue. And Theo. My third best-est friend. Because she kept pouring me these great margaritas.
I normally hated margaritas.
But Alison? My third best-est friend? She made some damn good ones. And there were so many flavors! Lime was okay. Mango was better. Watermelon wasn’t that great, but I drank it anyway because I didn’t want to hurt its feelings. I was almost finished with blood orange and it might have been my favorite, but I still had two flavors to go, so who knew?
The only thing I needed to decide on was whether pink lemonade or pineapple was next.
Wasn’t pineapple supposed to make cum taste sweeter?
Wait — that only worked if the guy drank it. Right?
I couldn’t remember now.
And it was fucking glorious.
Alison was my new third best-est friend and blood orange margaritas were the shit.
Best. Night. Ever.
I swung my head around when I heard the stool next to me being slid across the terracotta-tiled floor and almost lost my balance.
But Nick caught me.
Niiiiiiick. He looked nice tonight. Tight, dark shirt. Fitted khakis. I could kind of see the outline of his bulge against the fabric.
It wasn’t bad.
West had a nice bulge too.
I wrinkled my forehead. No. I shook my head. No.
Not thinking about him tonight.
Hey! Nick was here. Maybe he could drink the pineapple margarita and help me remember. I could get the pink lemonade one then.
I grinned up at him, and poked him in the chest with my finger.
“Alison!” I yelled. “This guy—” poke “—needs a pineapple margarita. And I’ll take the lemonade one next.”
She raised an eyebrow and looked at Nick for confirmation.
Nick with the bulge.
He leaned closer to me. “Why pineapple?”
I rolled my eyes. “Because I can’t remember. And this will solve the problem!”
“Can’t remember what?”
“If it’ll make you taste sweeter.”
He stared at me, then coughed. “Do you mean—”
I leaned over and patted his lap. “Down here.”

My 5 star review of Soaked

I love new authors, and any time one of them can write- and do it well, I turn into a major fan girl. I read a little book called Wet in 2015, and I loved it! It was actually in my top 10 from 2015. I really loved the way she wrote, her content flowed really easily, and I was invested in these characters. Stacy’s newest follow up, Soaked, was no different. It had everything I wanted, of course the HEA I so desperately needed from her- even if it took me the entire book to get it, I wanted it. This book picked up where Wet left us hanging- with a poor Sadie and West in the biggest, loneliest doghouse that there ever was! This book gave me all kinds of feels but mostly it was that page turning feeling that I love so much that made me devour it from start to finish.

Heres the thing- you either LOVE West and are on his side, or you love West and are on his side. There is no other way to be. Yes, he can be immature, and yes- he was caught in some unlikely circumstances that were not his fault for the most part. And had this been cookie cutter romance with no angst or drama- West would have gone to Audrey- and brought her to Sadie’s home, and confronted her on page one. BUT, this isn’t the cookie cutter type of romance, this is fiction and Stacy is the author so she can write it how she damn well please. And I LOVED it for that. I loved all the little bumps and bruises these two went through, it made the story memorable- a story to share with your reader friends. “Can you believe with that witch Audrey did?” or “Damn you Sadie, you need to be shaken, hear West out!” I love books that can make me do that. That can make me say “awwwww” one second and “mother F!” the next- and Stacy has done that with this conclusion to Sadie and West’s story. Not to mention we went from being just a little Wet, to being completely Soaked during some of the hotter scenes, hehe.

Over the course of this duology I fell in love with Sadie and West, like everyone did. I loved how Sadie grew into the woman she was always meant to become. I loved how West grew a pair, and became a good man- a man who at first did not believe in himself- to a man who was full of confidence and was ready to be in love, FINALLY, with Sadie. You have to remember- these characters are not real, first of all, but if they were- they are young, immature, and a little dense at times. But sometimes such is life, right? We all don’t act our age every second of every day. Sometimes we can be a little immature when it comes to relationships, and sometimes we just don’t think before we speak or act. We are only human- and so are these fictional characters- they made mistakes, loads of them- but they righted their wrongs, and in the end- they got their HEA. And while the Water’s Edge series is not over, a little part of me is sad that Sadie and West’s story has come to an end. Sure we will see them in the rest of this series- no doubt, but a little part of me is sad the donut lover and paper airplane maker’s story is over. Well done again Stacy, you continue to amaze me with the level of awesomeness that you have and write with. 

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