Thursday, December 3, 2015

Sweet Bliss blog tour!!

Sweet Bliss Synopsis:
From debut author Helena Rac, a sassy, sexy comic tale of second-chance romance and the many uses of icing.

Tessa loves cupcakes. They’re tasty and comforting, and they’ve made her bakery a success. Men, on the other hand, are unreliable jerks who are bound to break her heart. Even if they’re hot enough to melt her frosting.

Tessa is smitten with Luke after a less than graceful encounter on the streets of Chicago, and fate keeps reuniting them. She’s certain he’d be delicious in bed, but there’s just one problem: Tessa’s sworn off long-distance romances, and Luke lives in London. Besides, he’s proven himself to be bad news. Although Tessa’s sexy stranger swears to set aside his player ways after she carries out sweet revenge, she’s far too smart to believe in happily-ever-afters. Luke will need to use every weapon in his arsenal – including a spatula or two – to convince Tessa they’re meant to be together.

Guest review by Alison 

Sweet Bliss by Helen Rac was a light, easy, second chance romance with a little angst thrown in for good measure. 

Tessa Conte is "a self-professed emotional control freak" who has been burned by love and has sworn off relationships. After she collides with Luke Callaghan on a busy street, her thoughts are filled with the sexy stranger. 

Luke and Tessa's paths cross several times after their initial encounter when they realize they have mutual friends in common. The insta-attraction and sexual chemistry between these two characters is off the charts but their timing is all wrong since Luke lives in London and everyone knows long distance relationships never work out. 

Sweet Bliss is told in Tessa's point of view and so many times I wanted to know what Luke was thinking and feeling but overall the story was enjoyable. 

I found myself grinning like an idiot for most of the book. I loved the playful, flirty way Luke and Tessa interacted. I liked that he was spontaneous where she was more cautious. Their personalities complemented each other and I really liked that. 

Of course the author threw in some angst and it was kind of nice to see a female character with commitment issues for once. Usually it's the male lead running for the hills. I was pissed at Tessa's insecurities and just wanted her to pull her head out of her ass at one point and shake the shit out of her. I mean, has she met Luke? Jeeze Louise...that boy is the whole damn package. 

4 stars

Helena Rac Bio:
Life is sweeter with cupcakes. And romance novels. That’s why Helena Rac writes contemporary romances about sassy, everyday heroines and swoon-worthy heroes – stories that warm your heart, put a smile on your face, and make you fall in love.
When she’s not writing, Helena loves spending time with her two lovely girls and her incredibly supportive husband. She plays accountant by day; enjoys cooking, traveling, and exploring the outdoors; and reads way past her bedtime. Visit Helena at

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