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Waiting on Wesley book blitz!!

Title: Waiting on Wesley
Author: Dixie Rae
Release Date: Jan 6, 2016
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In the small town of Bailey, country music, motorcycles, and reckless teenagers are the norm. Fallon Davis and Wesley Jones are no exception. That is, until Wesley disappears from Fallon's life when she needs him the most.

After losing everything important in her life, Fallon replaces her love for Wesley with hatred. Fifteen years later, Fallon has quit waiting on Wesley. She is ready to focus on her life, career, and friends at Backwoods until the unthinkable happens. Wesley rides back into town, and he quickly realizes Fallon wants nothing to do with him, but will he take no for an answer?

Will Wesley be able to win over Fallon, or will the memories of their past be too much for their future to handle? 
“What can I get y’all boys?” I ask sweetly, still avoiding his eyes. 
“We’ll take a round of SoCo for starters,” the chunky one states with a wink. 
“Five SoCos, comin’ right up,” I say as I go to grab the shot glasses. Then I hear his raspy voice, and my body betrays me. Stop it! Don’t do that! Everything within my body comes alive with the sound of his voice. 
“That’s four shots and a Coke,” Wesley states. I turn on my heels quickly.
“Coke? Are you sure?” I question, and he nods in agreement. “You want it in a shot glass, too?” I ask like the smart ass I’ve become over the years. 
With a husky laugh, he answers, “Whatever you want to do, Pumpkin.” I stiffen at the name, but don’t turn around. I haven’t been called that since the day he rode away. After gathering myself together, I pour him a shot of Coke into a glass. He smiles when I place it in front of him.
“Come on, Pumpkin. Pour yourself one. I think me rollin’ back into town calls for a toast.” I roll my eyes, and then Paige hands me a shot glass of Coke. Raising my glass, I put one hand on my hip and wait for his toast. “Here’s to us, Pumpkin. Past, present, and future.” I clink my glass and when it touches my lips, I quickly realize it’s not Coke, but rather sweet cinnamon that burns the entire way down. I’m thankful to have Paige to count on when I need it most. Slamming down my shot glass when I finish, I turn and walk out of the bar and into the back room, holding myself together until I’m alone.

 My 4 star review
I LOVE a good mystery ARC, I will always say yes to the. The fun of not knowing- is so exciting. Just getting the blurb, I knew I would like this one. This book is a short story- novella if you will. The story is a bit rushed, but it is ok- I just chalked it up to that it was a novella; and I got the ending that I wanted. I enjoyed this new to me author very much. This book is about making changes and starts in the past- moves forward to the present. It is also told in dual POVs which I love.
Fallon and Wesley were attached as teenagers. But it seems the day she needs him the most, is the day she can’t turn to him anymore. Fifteen years have gone by- and she has finally given up on getting him back.
Fallon is the hero, and she seems to have lost it all. But that doesn’t make her weak; in fact it makes her stronger. I really enjoyed her character and how she played into Wesley’s life.
Wesley is the hero- and he is quite different than the stereotypical male biker lead. And Wesley and Fallon DEFINITELY have the chemistry, that’s for sure. Seems to be popping off the charts!

I really enjoyed this and will read this author again any day! I really enjoyed this short story- and recommend it to my book friends!

Dixie Rae is a small town girl living her dream as an author.  When she’s not writing, she indulges in guacamole, listening to Brantley Gilbert, and drinking a cold one.

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