Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Introducing the bloggers!!

Main Blogger/ Owner of Mama She's Crazy About Books- 
Allison East

I am a Office Manager for a granite countertop fabrication and installation company in Kentucky by day, and by night I am a Zumba instructor, mommy and wife! My daughter will be two this year, and my husband and I have been married since 2009. 

 My love of books was an obsession back when i was younger, it all started with the Babysitters Club. and now that i am older, you can say that my interests in reading have changed dramatically. I am never one to turn down a book- but that being said my favorite genres are YA, NA, Contemporary Romance, and Erotica. 

      I have beta read for such authors as, Melissa Brown, Erin Noelle, Stacey Grice, Brittainy Cherry, and Lisa De Jong. I currently have a huge TBR list, who doesn't, but continue to click as if my life depended on it and i needed more books to survive. 

     My favorite book this year has been- The Song of David by Amy Harmon. 

Introducing for the first time!! 
Guest reviewer and Avid reader- 
Alison Evans-Maxwell

Alison Maxwell is a Life Insurance Underwriter, avid reader, wife and mother of 2 from Ontario, Canada.
Her love of reading started as a young girl with Sunday trips to the library for her weekly Nancy Drew fix and continued through high school with a slight Lord of the Flies obsession and eventually led to her obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.
Alison took a break from her reading obsession when her kids were little, mostly enjoying the works of Dr. Seuss but thanks to a recently developed one-click addiction, her love for all things romance and a little help from Erin Noelle, M. Mabie, NA Alcorn and many other amazing authors her love of all things books ( and book boyfriends) is back in full force.


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