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Author: Stacey Grice
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Unexpectedly thrust into a whirlwind romance, Bree thought her relationship with Drew could withstand any obstacle thrown their way. Excited for the future, everything she thought she knew came crashing down in one horrible night. Forced to re-evaluate her feelings, Bree is left alone with a heavy heart and the realization that Drew's nightmare changed everything. 

The effects of his trauma once again surfacing, Drew had no idea how volatile his actions were until it was too late. He must work to rebuild trust with everyone around him, all while participating in vigorous therapy and being separated from Bree. When a once-in-a-lifetime career opportunity presents itself with impeccably poor timing, Drew has some tough decisions ahead.

Can he heal the wounds his past has created and quiet the demons that haunt him? Can he repair the damage done with his love or will he give up? 

Discover if it’s all too much and Drew ends up...


Author’s Note: Tapped is a continuation of Totaled, the first book in the Totaled series. It is highly recommended to read these books in sequential order. Due to mature content, profane language, and sexual situations, this book is recommended for ages 18 and up.

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Something told me to walk around to the back and my legs took me. I followed the skinny path within the dunes and sea oats on the side of his house until he came into view. Standing with his back to me, he watched the water as the sun rose higher and higher above the horizon, the colors beautifully framing his silhouette. He turned his head ever so slightly, I guess sensing that I was there, and then turned around completely. 

I froze. 

I was unable to take another step for a few seconds as we stared at each other. His posture relaxed, relieved to see me before him, and he advanced toward me. I walked forward, my stomach in knots of nervousness, and he matched me step for step until we were mere feet apart. The salty sea breeze blew violently around us both, coming off of the crashing waves and onto our skin. The second we entered each other’s space, my world went silent. I didn’t hear the water or smell the ocean. I didn’t feel the wind on my face or the sand under my feet. I was only in tune to him. 

He swallowed hard, his eyes sharp and assessing, darting around my face as he took me in. They roamed and finally settled on my cheek just underneath my left eye; his shoulders fell as he exhaled. His right arm reached for me, stopping midway and then slowly continuing up, his eyes asking for permission. I lowered my chin and leaned into him as his fingertips grazed over my skin, tracing the scar he had given me. My eyes closed at the intensity of the moment. 

He moved a few inches closer and cradled my jaw in his hand, urging me to open up and look at him—to really see him. I did and his eyes brimmed with tenderness and compassion. I looked into them, trying to memorize every shade of green, every fleck of gold, not knowing what the future held. I just knew that if I was never able to lay eyes on him again, this was the image that I wanted to remember. My gentle and loving Drew, normally stuck inside a giant, rough exterior, was now exploding out, his shrapnel penetrating my soul.

My 5 star review of Tapped

Stacey Grice is a fairly new author, she hasn’t been around long- and this is only her second book. However, that in no way indicates that her writing is “new.” She is a fantastic author and if I had to guess by just the works I have read, I could say that she has been around for a while and has a bright future ahead of her. Being one of her Beta readers, I got first hand insider information on Totaled and Tapped, and I really love the process of giving feedback- and take it very seriously. To the point where I took it chapter by chapter- and really digested all of her words. I really got the path of the story that she wanted to tell, and knew that it was my job to help make it soar; help her from a readers standpoint- something I enjoy the hell out of.

We last left off in Totaled with Drew having a PTSD flashback happen while he was in bed with Bree- and holy hell my heart was a pounding at the end of that book! I knew, just knew, it was going to end there and Stacey was going to make us hungry for more, and that she did. So when Tapped started back up- where Totaled left off, I was forced to remember all of the emotions I felt at the beginning of the first book. And I can honestly say, they aren’t really fond memories. I remember how Bree felt after Drew attacked her- and how torn up she was about it. It made me feel sick to my stomach thinking about what I would do in the same situation. On the one hand, Bree is totally in love with Drew and she knows he wasn’t in his right mind doing what he did. And on the other- he beat her ass. Period. End of Story. It was going to be a long road to recovery for the both of them- and all the key characters from last book, are back to help them along the way.

I really enjoyed the character depth given to Mick and Pat. Mick was in the first book, and he was the one who picked Drew up and invited him into his home- and introduced him to Pat, who is Bree’s father. Pat was really stern in this book, and it can come off as him being an ass- but to me, because I am a mother of a young girl, it seemed like he was just protecting his only daughter from harm and I couldn’t fault him for that at all. Mick once again took Drew in after the fight with Bree and they were apart for a long time- so that Drew could begin to heal- and deal with his life and what he did. And Sue is back, she is such a great best friend and character- as well as Liam. Poor Liam- when he understood what happened to Bree it just about broke me!!

Drew beat himself up a lot, but understandably so. He had to get it under control- and his therapist actually helped him talk through a lot of problems he had in his past, and the demons he was still dealing with. Drew really did grow over the course of this novel and I was proud of him by the end.

Bree was and is a strong ass heroine. She took a beating and kept on living her life to the fullest. She was crazy upset with her dad for keeping the two apart- but I think after a while she finally understood where he was coming from. I did really like when she stood up for herself though- after she had had enough from her dad. I mean it was her one true love.

I think Stacey has a strong voice, and will continue to tell fantastic stories. With lovable alpha male characters, kick ass sassy female heroines, wise sidekicks, and the funny characters that we all love. I can’t wait for more from Stacey, and I hope with all hope that I am able to beta again for her in the future- she is someone I can stand behind. 

I am a mother, wife, Registered Nurse, avid reader, and most recently pursuing taking my own writing to the next level. I appreciate honesty but not cruelty, a wicked sense of humor, and a good cup of coffee, blond with enough creamer to coat my tongue yellow. 

Being an astute people watcher and having an extremely judgmental mind gives me constant inspiration for my stories. But my characters, like many authors, are conceived from actual people in my life. A hodgepodge of personality traits, real world instances, and conversations that I have directly taken part in are the foundation for my fictional world.

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