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What He Doesn't Know release and review!!

What He Doesn’t Know by Kandi Steiner Publication Date: March 15th, 2018 Genre: Contemporary Romance Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography, Lauren Perry Cover Designer: Kandi Steiner
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  On the northeast side of town, there is a house.   The house was once magical, filled with love and joy and plans for the future.   Inside its walls are many things that belong to me — my books, the china from my mother on my wedding day, the beautiful cage once home to two birds, now empty, just like me.   And a man.   A man who also belongs to me.   A man I no longer wish to keep.   A man who, no doubt, has not slept, though the sun is rising. Because the house where he waits is where I laid my head to rest every night for eight years. Until last night.   No one who knows me would believe Charlie Pierce, the quiet, bookish girl who never made waves is pulling out of the driveway of a man who isn’t her husband.   But they don’t know me at all.   I don’t even know me.   Not anymore.   They say there are two sides to every story, and I suppose in most cases, that’s true. But the one I live inside of? It has three.   On the northeast side of town, there is a house.   But there is no longer a home.
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Kandi Steiner is the queen of angst. She knows how to do it, and she does it well. What He Doesn’t Know was the type of book that one minute left me with an achy feeling in my heart, and the very next gave me the breath of life. While told mainly in two points of view- we get the very slim POV of a third character. And while I kind of knew going in it would be angsty, and quite possible a love triangle- I never thought I would have to pick a team. At first it was really easy and I was so sure which team I was on. To be fair, I will always vote Team Charlie- because that girl has gone through life. Life gave it to her hard and she damn near broke- but she is still there surviving, living one day at a time, minute to minute. This story consumed me from start to finish; I didn’t have a chance of doing anything else until I found out what was going to happen to these three characters. And even then I didn’t get to find out, because this is a cliffhanger, and a duet. The second book releases soon!!

Charlie Pierce was stuck. Stuck in a loveless marriage, stuck in her ways. And *mostly* she was happy, only mostly. Cameron had done his part as the loving husband, but when did it stop? She didn’t really remember. I really wasn’t a team Cameron person to begin with. He just rubbed me the wrong way, and as soon as we get introduced to Reese Walker- I just KNEW that was my team. Even though it goes against my moral code- its fiction, so who cares? I knew in that moment that if Charlie decided to be with Reese, everything would be ok because they truly were meant to be together. Even if they hadn’t seen each other in 14 years, and he had only been back a couple of months I saw the fire within those two that I just didn’t see in the chapters before between Charlie and Cameron.

I was like a moth drawn to that flame, wanting so badly to see inside it, to figure out how it burns, to live within its warmth. But I knew to touch it was to die.

The whole entire book I am chanting “team Reese, team Reese, team Reese,”- until one scene with Cameron, where he does the wooing. I feel like- ok he really wants to save his marriage, and that makes my heartstrings get a little tighter. I know deep down if that was my husband and he provided a grand gesture and really made the effort- a crush from 14 years ago would dissipate right then and there. Don’t get me wrong- I am totally self-deprecating and I am still team Reese, but it doesn’t shock me that Charlie feels some kind of way about Cameron again.

”If I am a river, you are the ocean. It all comes back to you in the end.”

I understand now why Kandi writes full time, a story like this has to take a lot out of her. It took a toll on me. My poor bleeding heart was a mess from start to finish. When I read A Love Letter To Whiskey, I wasn’t really prepared for the angst, I didn’t yet know Kandi on that level. And I was ripped to shreds with that story. Somehow knowing what I was in for with What He Doesn’t Know, made the process a little easier- but the story was still filled with the same emotions as LLTW. Kandi’s description of things is like nothing I have ever read before. It’s legit out of this world. I felt like I could see the characters in my mind. I could smell all the scents that floated around, that I could reach out a hand and touch these places. And that is what sets Kandi apart as an author. And I am telling you this right now; if she is this badass now, just wait for her. She’s gonna blow you away. I just know it. She has got to be one of my favorite writers that I have ever read. I never regret reading a book by Kandi, and you won’t either. So TRUST ME when I say, you need this book!!

“But if I was a river, and he was the ocean, then Cameron was the storm that raged over the point where we met. And lightning was about to strike.”

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About the Author:
Kandi Steiner is a Creative Writing and Advertising/Public Relations graduate from the University of Central Florida living in Tampa. Kandi works full time as a social media specialist, but also works part time as a Zumba fitness instructor and blackjack dealer.
Kandi started writing back in the 4th grade after reading the first Harry Potter installment. In 6th grade, she wrote and edited her own newspaper and distributed to her classmates. Eventually, the principal caught on and the newspaper was quickly halted, though Kandi tried fighting for her “freedom of press.” She took particular interest in writing romance after college, as she has always been a die hard hopeless romantic (like most girls brought up on Disney movies).
When Kandi isn’t working or writing, you can find her reading books of all kinds, talking with her extremely vocal cat, and spending time with her friends and family. She enjoys beach days, movie marathons, live music, craft beer and sweet wine – not necessarily in that order.
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