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Hitchhiker blog tour!!

Title: Hitchhiker
Author: Stacy Borel
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Coming: Early 2015
Photographer: FuriousFotog (Golden Czermak)
Cover Designer: Kassi's Kandids (Kassi Bland Cooper)
Lonely and lost, I knew I had to leave, even though I didn’t know where I was headed. Driving without a purpose, I let the roads lead. I was just a shell of my former self, devoid of feelings. Hoping I’d find the missing pieces of myself along the way. 

Then I saw him—those menacing deep brown eyes, and an air around him that was formidable. I knew that picking up a hitchhiker was a dangerous thing to do, but I was desperate. 

Desperate for what, you ask? 

To feel.

Hitchhiker © Stacy Borel
“The heart sees what’s invisible to the eye.”- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

                It’s funny how life takes you through different twists and turns. As children, we don’t think, “When I grow up, I want to be in a relationship where it seemed like a fairy tale in the beginning, but sadly I’m soon undervalued and pushed aside. Then I think I want to find a stranger on the side of the road and fall in love with him. I want him to take me down a dark and dangerous path that could potentially destroy me and make me mentally unstable.” Could you just imagine if we knew then what we know now, after having lived through hell? What paths we would have avoided just to prevent the struggle and heartache? Would you still pick the same course so you could feel it, just once? To know what it was really like to love someone with your very essence, only to have it ripped away? The burn, the loss, the grief, the dry crusted tears on your face? The earth-shattering moment you knew you were well and truly gone and never coming back? Or would you choose safety—the known, monotonous days—and comfort? 

                I think if I were given these options all those years ago, I would have picked the second one. As humans, we crave safety and routine. However, having lived through the moments when I thought my next breath would be my last without him by my side… I’d pick the pain. Why? Because it was real. I fought a hard and valiant battle to deny the lust and passion, as if I had a choice. I didn’t step into it with my eyes closed. Oh no, they were wide open and saw the road signs that glared in my face. 

                Dead End.
                No Outlet.
                Not fucking happening.
                You’re fooling yourself.
                This will kill you.

                You see, my heart knew what it wanted. It claimed him. The law of attraction did not give me a choice in the matter. That battle that I fought, it wasn’t with him. It was with myself. I tried to go back and remember what it was like before I met him. Who I was, how I acted, how I spoke, the patterns of my life. There was no remembering anything. That girl was gone. The girl I am now… well, I am still falling down a rabbit hole. And this bitch is a bottomless pit.

my 5 star review of Hitchhiker

I have not read a Stacy Borel book before this- I mean, shame on me!! This book was fabulous. I loved the mystery hero, the heroine (who really showed growth) and the plot!

What happens when you feel stuck? When you don't feel like yourself? When you have lost who you truly are? That is what happened to Chandler, the heroine, in this story. She was stuck in a rut with her current fiance Seth, and her life. She was sick of playing the trophy girl, and the stay at home boredom. Sick of doing as she was told. And if she had to do it for one more minute she might explode, and i can't say that i blamed her. So she packed up and she left. Only telling her best friend Sydney that she needed a break from her life. She set off on a cross country trip from Maine, all the way to Big Sky, Montana- where her cabin in the woods awaited her. After the most boring road trip of her life, and almost making it to her destination- she sees a hitchhiker- and not just any hitchhiker, the most devastatingly handsome one at that!

Dawson Michael is a mystery- wrapped in an enigma. He is a hard shell to crack and an ever harder subject to get to know. Chandler tries her best and it seems like she is getting nowhere. He travels with her all the way to Big Sky, and she invites him into her home, leaving out the small detail that the place was hers. And being forever grateful, he accepts and they start to live together.

One night everything changes and the sexual chemistry between the both of them is off the damn charts. Don't be any means think this story is a love triangle or any cheating goes on, because you can tell right away teh fiance isn't going to last- because of some intense flashback scenes.
I was never let down with this book. When i thought it was going to go right, it veered left. and when i thought the road and path was paved, it turns out it was a rocky country road full of hills and hard turns. 

I absolutely enjoyed myself while reading this book and i couldn't wait to get off work and get home so i could finish. I can't wait for more, and i can only hope Stacy will write another considering how she left it. Not saying it was a cliffhanger- but the wording will lead you to believe the story is not finished. Pick this one up you won't regret it- and i am so happy I was able to read this advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!

I'm a Coast Guard wife and currently a stay at home mom. I want to be a nurse when I "grow up." My incredibly handsome husband and I have been married for 9 years and I have 2 amazing children that keep life interesting. 
I am an obsessive reader. I go through 3-5 books a week on my Kindle and I whole-heartedly support my indie authors. After reading well over a couple hundred books this year, I decided I might give it a shot writing my own book. I dabbled with a few ideas and finally settled on a story I know I'd personally read and I began the journey of creating Ever Enough. I appreciate all the support I've been given by my family, friends, and fellow indie authors. You've all shaped my view on life and books and I'll be forever grateful!



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